Here are a couple of lovely reviews we have recently received:



My child looks forward to drama class all week. It is different from the other clubs around in that it teaches children improvisation and how to think for themselves. James struggled initially because he likes rules but it has taught him to think whether something is working and if it doesn't work it is OK to make changes. I can't recommend this class enough.

Parent Jenny



Whilst i'm writing to you I should tell you how much my son is enjoying the classes. when I asked him this morning if he wanted to continue with the class next term,he looked at me incredulously (in a dramatic fashion!) that I should ask such a ridiculous question.The answer, lest there be any doubt, is a resounding yes! Incidentally, a feew weeks ago you said that you had pushed the class a lot harder, getting them to dig deeper into the characters- he got into the car after that and described the lesson as "A-MAZING".

East Sheen parent